How to to change Viber background

How to to change Viber background

This tip will teach you how to customize the Viber chat background on the application's mobile and desktop versions. You will be able to choose between wallpapers provided by the application and your own personal photos.

How to change the wallpaper on Viber? 

  • Open the Viber app and tap on Menu > Settings. Head to the Display section and tap on Change default background:
  • Select the image of your choice. You may also choose an image from your photo gallery, or even take a photo using the camera of your mobile device:
  • To select a personal photo, simply click on the camera button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:

How to change wallpaper on Viber for desktop?

Open Viber on your desktop and click on the cog icon. Then click on Background Gallery:

You can change your wallpaper by simply clicking on your desired background:

How to change wallpaper on Viber conversation?

  • Viber allows you to assign different wallpapers to your various conversations. To do this, simply open the conversation you'd like to customize, and swipe left.
  • A small menu will be displayed. Tap on Background - Add background to this conversation:
  • You may now select your desired wallpaper.
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