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 I am having the worst time with Facebook. On 07/07/2022, my account was compromised. Someone gained access to my account and changed the email address that was initially associated with my account. I got the notice in my email, and I immediately took action, and my account was locked. Now I have reached out to Facebook via their support chat which has been most unhelpful. I say that because they refuse to take the time to help with the questions that I have. They prefer to send my links that will explain how to go about unlocking my account. When pressing them for further help, they respond with this message, “I believe I have given you all the necessary details you needed to move forward with the step. With this, I’ll go ahead and close this chat now. Please feel free to reach us for any questions regarding your situation.”

I have the Facebook app on my mobile phone, but am not as sure where to submit the ID needed to unlock my account. Agents tell me it is so easy, just follow the instructions, and you will be good. I am very much a visual learner, and I need step-by-step instruction. So my phone used Google, typed in upload my ID, and I submitted the picture, but it directed me to https://www.facebook.com/help. The last agent that I have spoken to says to click on next and follow the instructions. I mentioned this to him, but he was unwilling to guide me further. To say that I am angry is an understatement. I am tired of the run-around from Facebook as they are unhelpful, lazy, and rude. 

Help would be most appreciated with this issue. 

BTW, please suggest watching Youtube videos because I've already done so, and they are not helpful. 

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You should use the following form. Once you've submitted your proof of identity, Facebook will review your account to confirm that the account belongs to you.

To find out how long the review process may take, see this article.

Good luck