Who should create IG business account?

king-s4 - Feb 18, 2023 at 08:02 PM
 king-s4 - Feb 20, 2023 at 06:24 PM

Hello. I was offered a job. The company has a business FB page, but doesn't have an IG account and needs one. My question is: who should create it? Should I do it on my private mobile using my own e-mail? I know I can create it through my own mobile, but I plan to work for this company for 1-2 years only and I'm worried that if one day I quit, this will result in troubles passing the account to a new person. I heard that IG tracks the first user's mobile IP and if anybody tries to log in from another mobile, I will need to accept their logging in and my e-mail will still be connected to this account. What should I do? 

Windows / Chrome

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You should create the Instagram account from a device owned by your company and using your company's email if possible. In case you leave the company, they will be able to continue to manage the account immediately without needing to transfer ownership.

If you use your personal email, it will be possible to transfer ownership by changing the main email of the account and logged out completely from your devices then. However, there will be a delay before Instagram recognizes the new user as the original owner - you may have to approve the login attempts the first times.

Alternatively, you may ask the person who is currently managing the Facebook page of your company to create the Instagram account.


Thank you!