Emoji's stopped working.

GPacker - Oct 2, 2023 at 10:00 PM
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It's an Android phone made by company called "Blu". Have at least 8 yahoo emails drafted for future sending. They're all loaded with emojis. Wanted to make changes by adding/subtracting emojis. Did as usual, by pressing circle above left of keyboard, containing 4 dots. This gives options of  "Floating", "Translate", etc.  But, "Emoji", "Sticker" & "GIF" won't light up. When I try pushing the unlit buttons, a notice appears that the app doesn't support images. Tried a different Browser: same result.

Can you help? I'm very much a non-techy, so, hopefully your answer won't confuse me!

Android / Chrome

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As told to Rahul, very much appreciate his taking the time ⏰ to answer! Yet, he couldn't solve this. But, as usually happens when I send questions to a forum, have wound up self-solving!!!

Not a complete solution; more of a band aid ????!!: By going to the "Subject" line above the email ???? message, and clicking cursor there, the system will then allow insertion of images! This step shouldn't be needed, but, it's fairly easy to do! (So, no "Biggy".)

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Oct 16, 2023 at 05:31 AM

Thank you.

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Yahoo Mail's Android app does not support inserting images, including emojis, into emails. This is a limitation of the app, and there is no workaround. If you need to send an email with emojis, you can use a different email app, such as Gmail or Outlook.



THANK YOU for taking time out of your life to answer!! I much appreciate you!! Hopefully, will be able to return the favor someday.

(Didn't realize you had answered, as had received no response notice. Only found out by reading copy that was sent of question [posting].)

Sorry if post wasn't clear. These (already typed, but not sent) Yahoo emails already contain emojis!!: they have them right now!! The trouble came in trying to re-enter these emails to change which emojis are being used.

Also, in the past, have done and sent emojis in many Yahoo emails, for years, with no trouble at all. Right now there are (addressed, but unsent) emails from July, and earlier (that could be erased, if desired, as they're never going to be sent), that, will NOW allow new emojis, if desired!

Also, the Yahoo alphabetic keyboard, just like the numeric keyboard, is supposed to have the comma (,) symbol, just to the left of the space bar. But, on those that are not now allowing emojis, this has been replaced by the "at" symbol (@).

Thank you, again. Could likely find a solution from Yahoo Customer Service. But, that's a paid service!! Asked for $46/month + a $1 membership fee!!