Lan connection between 5 computers

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Hi Every one
I have five computers with windows xp proffesional I want to set a small network. I want connect them each other by lan. Which type of cable I need Also which configuration I have to made ? Help me.

Thanks in regard.

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Greetings Anjum,
you need one 8 port switch, five straight ethernet cables with rj45 connectors on both end of the desired length. arrange them and connect one ond of each cable to the switch and other to the computers. after that assign static ip address,,,, fo your computers with default subnet and blank gateway and dns. now try pinging each one of them and that's it.
send me email if you need any more assistance.
Shashank singh
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LAN seting in windows xp sp2 between 5 computers without network connection.
How can I create lan connections between 5 computers for file and printer sharing.
ping successfully next?
then my friend, it's successfully connected.