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I am trying to install a second, new, 80GB Maxtor, formatted (FAT32), hard drive into a PC which has a 600MHz processor and has a 40GB Maxtor hard drive as the master (running XP home). After installing the new 80GB hard drive, on start-up the PC enters the BIOS but then it it freezes and will not detect my new hard drive. The drive is set as a slave with the jumpers in the correct position.

The drive works fine (both as a master and as a slave) in a more powerful PC (2.66GHz processor) and I am also able to run two 40GB hard drives successfully in this 600GHz PC. I can not, however, run either this new 80GB drive, or a 160GB drive in this 600MHz machine.

Is this likely to be the processor not being powerful enough to run a 80GB, or higher, hard drive or is there any other possible reason?

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Your pc is too old and slow for this new hard drive! The processor is too slow you will need to upgrade to a new CPU set if you need lor storage capacity!