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britt - Jul 19, 2009 at 07:53 PM
 Blocked Profile - Jul 20, 2009 at 09:07 AM
Hello,i forgot my ipod nano password i tried going to my computer an renamening _locked but i dont have that folder so wat should i do. an i kinda need to get it unlocked cause were on a road trip an it sux. so someone please help

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Jul 20, 2009 at 09:07 AM
Hey there,

You can try this:
1) Connect your iPod to your machine and verify that it appears as a standard drive in "My Computer".

Note: If it doesn't appear and you have iTunes Installed, make sure "disk use" is enabled.

2) Go To Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Select Your Account -> Related Tasks - > "Prevent a forgotten password". A Wizard should appear.

3) Select Your iPod's Drive Name -> Enter Current Password -> Finish