Atheros Wireless Adapter won't connect to int

yorkiedad - Jul 22, 2009 at 11:42 PM
 Laura - Aug 22, 2010 at 11:34 AM
Hello from Danville, Virginia, USA

I have an Acer Aspire One A0A 150. The Wireless adapter will not connect to the internet, but it does find my wireless network and will connect to it. I have turned off power saving mode as per Acer tech support info. I have turned off all firewalls, and have verified the settings in Windows. I have released and renewed the IP address. I can ping out but get two returns then request timed out. This is consistent. 50% packet loss, two times out, two returns.

I can connect fine with an ethernet cable from my router, I can connect fine with a Belkin USB wireless adapter.
I can connect to the internet with the Belkin from any wireless site. I cannot connect with the built in Atheros adapter. I made sure the Atheros and Belkin adapters and drivers did not conflict. I downloaded and installed the latest Atheros wireless driver for my Acer Aspire one. Still can't connect to the internet.

Does anyone know what to do?


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Believe it or not, what fixed my problem is downloading another Acer laptop's model's wireless driver from Acer. I have a second Acer laptop (different model than mine). I noticed it's using the same AR5007EG Atheros wireless adapter as mine but with a different year and driver version number. And it was having no problem surfing. So I downloaded that model's driver from Acer and used it on mine (after uninstalling my adapter completely) and now I can surf. What's funny is that I tried downloading MY acer's wireless driver from Acer and it didn't work. It was the same version I had before. FRUSTRATING on Acer's part!! who would've thought you had to dig the idea up of downloading another laptop's model's wireless driver??? But anyway that's what did it for me. Good luck.
Thank you, thank you! I've been trying to fix this problem for weeks and yours was the only solution that worked!
Updating the driver is the fix.. I have tried with mine, I thought it was a router problem (wireless N netgear router). the issue is the wireless adapter on the computer needs to be updated to comply to the router standard.
I too had this issue as well (same laptop as you). I am not sure how I fixed my issue though. Steps I tried without success were to disable and re-enable adapter via kill switch and function keys, uninstall/reinstall driver, reinstall windows xp. None of those seemed to work.

Then I went digging through drivers and found that the driver my laptop originally used was not the same version being offered by acer (the one acer was pointing me to was a newer one). I found the old one floating around on the internet, did a uninstall of the driver and installed the new (old) one. I seem to be able to connect now which is nice, but I run into the disconnects every couple of minutes issue stated by others. still working on that issue but atleast I get connected... ::shrugs ::
Yes. to confirm what Wazzy said. Just delete and reinstall the driver with a working driver. Works for me now.

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Jul 24, 2009 at 12:21 PM
Dear Sir,

Verify if the Wireless Connection is secured,

If yes, just enter the WEP key to the wireless settings

change the router settings from g (fastest) to b mixed mode.
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i have actually yhe same pb like you .for me my atheros card no detecte any Ap . it utiliy give the message no signal , wireless card disconnected .
itried anything I can bu impossible .I don't know if somebody has a solution for me .if you find one please contact me.
i will do the same for you