Internet connection failed on wireless PS3

 Elvyrax -

I connect my PS3 wirelessly via router and when I go to connect it finds my IP address but my internet connection fails could anyone help me please if they have had the same problem thanks.
System Configuration: Windows Vista
Internet Explorer 7.0

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Try enabling the media server (if it is disabled initially) and then disable it back again . This worked for me
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Well first, I have the same problem, but I cant obtain my ip address so first u gotta reset your wierless router then reset your whole ps3. Then it should work!
ok I will tell u how through internet ps3 go to "network setting" and then "easy" and then u press scan if u already near computer press "none" and waiting say "Test Connection" press x and waiting when on, and enjoy your self and go www brower key go enjoy
my problem is a little rare but is there any antennas speakers or radios etc. by your PS3 cause that will COMPLETELY stop the signal took me 3 months to figure it out
Is that really true? I have had a ps3 connection for like 5 months..Now all a sudden no matter what I do or try it won't connect to the net. Come to think of it though I did just put a speaker set in my room by it...
but..surely not???..