How to disable username & password network pc

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I have a problem with my network computers. The computers have shared folders. Having configured with file sharing, I wanted this computers to communicate well in my LAN. I can view this computers on my network places but when I access it, username and password box appear. I am only having a small network and don't have any file server.
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I have found a way to disable the nagging password box in Windows 7 (probably Vista too).
  • 1. Click Start
  • 2. Under you user picture, right click Network
  • 3. Choose properties (this opens Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center)
  • 4. Click Choose homegroup and sharing options in the lower list (this opens Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Homegroup)
  • 5. Click Change advanced sharing settings... (this opens Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings)
  • 6. The settings right before the last one is: Password protected sharing!
  • 7. Choose Turn off password protected sharing and you are good to go without any restarts and stuff.

Bonus: A quicker way: Type "advanced share" and choose Manage advanced sharing settings (this will guide you to step 5.)
Jun 5, 2010 at 09:18 PM
Worked for me. Now I can connect my XP and Vista64 machines to Win7 64bit. Easy as Pie!
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Awesome - Dude... sometimes even us IT Pro guys can miss a tiny detail like that. Was wondering why the stupid "username-password" box kept coming up when accessing my two Win7 machines.
Thanks man
Works great!