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 ScooterB - Aug 20, 2009 at 01:27 PM

Okay, this is not exactly a new question, but perhaps a new twist?

PC w/Win XP SP3 was running perfect until I performed an "AOL One Click Fix" then I got the infamous error message on reboot "windows\system32\config\system file is corrupt or missing".

Have had it happen in the past where I simply booted to last known configuration or chkdsk /f in safe mode, or as a last result used the "r" in recovery mode using the Win XP cd . . .

But, now . . . no go. I cannot use any of the options available thru using F8 without getting the same error message, and when I try to repair or reinstall from the XP cd, the drive freezes after I choose an option . . .

I cannot get into the pc at all . . . any suggestions here?

I appreciate any help as I am somewhat desperate to get to my files . . . yes, I know, they should have been backed up . . . hindsight is 20/20 :0(


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Jul 29, 2009 at 05:08 AM
Hello there all you will have to do is to restore the system to an earlier date

To do System Restore: Press F8 when the Computer starts after bios check, then select Safe Mode,
1.Click Start.
2.Point to All Programs.
3.Point to Accessories.
4.Point to System Tools.
5.Click System Restore.
Choose a date when your computer was working fine, then press Next Let the process to be done then the computer will restart normally.
I wish it were that simple.

I cannot enter into safe mode, restore to an earlier working condition or do anything else that can be done through using F8 or F2 . . .

Tonight I will be trying the Linux Knoppix.ISO boot cd and will let you know what happened . . .
Well, At least I can see that all my files are still there in the PC now that I got into it with the Knoppix 3.9 disc . . . problem is still trying to figure out how to "repair" windows without trying to download or copy all my files (about 25gb, that I have found so far) and initiate a fresh install . . . oh, wait, still cannot do that as the the pc wont boot into the windows recovery disc at all . . . I cannot figure out how to use the knoppix to repair windows, and as the copying of info will be far too intense, and I would probably forget where a few things are to get anyway, I may have to go the whole "remove hard drive and install in other pc as a slave" thing . . . damn windows sucks! For that matter so does AOL! My computer has been running great and then I had to do an AOL "One Click Fix" to set up my new internet connection . . . when I do get the PC running again I will install only the basic version of AOL to get my archived mail, then delete it forever . . .

I have tried everything listed on Microsoft's website thus far and cannot get beyond the first step of any . . .
My friend is having this problem as well. We have tried everything and the Restore CD will not read. Just keeps going back to the first screen of pressing F1 to Continue or DEL to setup and we are at witts ends.

My brother, the pc genius was busy at the time so he did say it could be the motherboard battery. We took it out and going to replace it tomorrow. He's hoping that the pc hasn't crashed.

So I wanted to ask you what cd you were talking about that you used? We can't get her pc to read a thing right now.


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Aug 20, 2009 at 01:27 PM
The CD is a Linux based program that is run right from disc and doesnt change anything in your pc. You would have to (on another pc obviously) download the right Knoppix version for your pc and then boot your pc from it.

It helped me to see all my files and documents, but I couldnt fix the pc with it so I ended up removing the hard drive and putting it into another pc as a slave, copied everything I needed from it to a usb drive, reinstalled it and then performed a complete reformat and new windows install.

This time I made sure to add an additional partition just for windows so that if this issue were to happen again, I have little risk of losing anything by reinstalling windows . . .