Speaker not working in vista

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I have an Audigy 2 (E880) Sound card, am running Vista SP1. I installed the latest driver 2.18 and I am not getting surround sound on my Logitech 5.1 Speakers. Didn't find any instructions on how to fix this. I tried several things, stopped CThelper.exe, uninstalled all sound drivers with Driver Sweeper before installing, but I still have the same problem:

In the Audio Console, under the Speaker tab, the SPEAKER SELECTION LIST IS EMPTY. I cannot choose a speaker configuration. Am getting only 2.1 Sound.

If you know a way of making this work, let me know please.
they just stoped working. how can I fix it?
guy who knows
Mar 25, 2010 at 11:57 AM
go control panel, devise manager, go sound bit,
rightclick on SOUNDMAX integrated digital hd audio, and click on update driver software. click search automaticly for driver software, and install it. when thts done, no need to restart. there you go!
not working zz
i got a solution, control panel, sounds, independent dual headphones, properties, divice usage, disable, ok, then restart...do the same thing n enable. should work

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What is happening with your speakers?
iv gone trough all the settings and ports and I still cant get my speakers to work. the comuter says they are working but when I play a song they dont work. they only work in the front port but now they dont even work there. can you help me?
hi buddy, I have the same problem .
when u know about this problem plese tell me.
our speaker is not working even thou I put it in the plug of the speaker
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Jul 9, 2008 at 08:45 AM
hi ziggy7,,
you must check if your sound card is effective with vista,,,i advise you to check it out in your settings and if it is unable thus enable it this will work trust me:-)
computer crashed I got it fixed but I dont have the disk to install them again I wanna download it sum how????
I am running windows XP and its doing exactly the same thing to me! Speaker selection list where you choose 5.1, 2.1 etc is totally blank...
Mine don't work either there is somtihng rong in my settings...
I can tell you folks one thing about Vista....it has a program that teaches you Puter to accept voice to text or just voice to run your puter As on Star Trak , it seems to over ride all of the sound and mic properties IE normal settings as in XP PRO....Now...Vista has problems with a lot of sound cards .... Vista has a limited drivers for the older sound cards and even then it is not to say it will work even if you down load the drivers for your card...

I bought my wife a Brand new Laptop DELL that has Vista Home on it...it does not have the Mixer that XP does or any other windows has..it has only one panel and it can not be set for stereo modes...it only has the main volume control and that's it...you can not adjust anything else as WAVE...in other words..Vista has only volume for Main speakers....Mic...and Balance...it does not have the Stereo Out Volume nor the WAVE mixer..which you have to have if you make your own recordings....or if you sing online in Karaoke sites...it just will not provide you with your voice and music together even if you use headphones with mic...you will be hearing only the music and not your voice...on Xp or any other windows, your voice and music and it will come through the headset or speakers at the same time..to where you can really mix your voice to the music....Vista is just not set up for Great recording as I find it now..unless someone out there knows how to bypass this or to upload software that over rides the default sound mixer Vista runs...I guess we are all stuck till then !!!
There is a buzzing sound when I play music
when I play song but cant lisent why
If you plug in your speakers a box should pop up saying what did you plug in and if you click front speakers in that could help it fixed my problem the first time but now its back so I dont know...
sorry its front speakers out
i have media player and relplyer and if play music not play but I play videos
i can see but not sound