GTA 4 won't play

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when trying to play GTA IV. Application Failed to Launch. The application you are attempting to launch failed to start. GTA IV may be blocked by Windows Parental Controls/Family Safety..please tell how to solve this problem. and tell me step by step..

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It has nothing to do with the parent control.

I had the same problem and the solution is very simple your anti virus blocked the game just check the vault of pottencial harmfull files and one of them should be from GTA just restore that file and the game will run again with no problems :)

Just be sure that the anti virus won t think that file is harmful again.

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how to fix gta iv parental control blocked
and textures gta iv
need another solution
how to check vault of pottencial harmfull file ? plz give a tutoria .
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How to check the vault of potential harmful file
I was having this problem , open your antivirus , go to tools , now click advance setting now unblock gta iv
yea I hve the same prob. im using avg 9 internet security,. I dont think theres parental control for avg/. plz hekp me guys. I wanna play that game soo badly. I am already adminsitraotor
Ok so here's the deal I dont know about computers and stuff but I like games specially gta iv I got the same error after playin it for 2 days beleive it or not when I changed the name of the folder in which I installed gta this problem occurred I searched every where but could not find the solution when I changed it back to the old name tha game start working..... I hope this helps you if you have changed anything before this erreo change it back.

Hello Sir,

You have to log in as administrator to be able to play the game

Please contact the Computer Administrator to help you

tanks a lot nitrooo. I saw my anti virus and he was removed the crack files. thats way I could play the game..
*tanks a lot nitrooo. I saw my anti virus and he was removed the crack files. thats why I could play the game.