NTOSKRNL.EXE is missing or corrupt

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Thursday February 21, 2008
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February 22, 2008
 dudly -
i get a problem with my windows

The message is always the same. When starting up, this appears:
Windows NT could not start because the below file is missing or corrupt:


can anybody help me

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please tell me exactly what is the caused of this problem why I I always encouter this problem. "missing NTOSKRNL.EXE, missing NTLDR."


Thank you

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Hi James
Don't know had to remove faulty graphics card but worked fine
Without one

Hey prisen..

This is probably @ 99% because you erased may be accidentally a related file of C:\Winnt\System32\Ntoskrnl.exe in your local settings in C:\

Do you still have your windows bootable disk ?

i'm having the same problem as prisen but I don't have the disk

please tell me exactly what is the caused of this problem why I I always encouter this problem. "missing NTOSKRNL.EXE, missing NTLDR."


ntoskrnl.exe is identified as a virus in my C: by AVG antivirus program
Booting from the disk in the CD/DVD drive doesn't work. Remove the hard drive, change the pins to make it a slave. Obtain another hard drive to use as primary. Once booted, detect the second drive and either copy a new NTOS kernel, or follow the MS instructions on using the recovery console. Often bootup location is corrupted as well.
Hi. I don't have the exact same problem, but when running a scan with AVG 7.5 (free virus scanner) it lists up some things (in this case, only this)

File Result/Infection Path
NTOSKRNL.EXE Change C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

What does this exactly mean ;P ?

Btw. I'm running Vista Premium 32 bit

i have the same issue. pls update me if you get a resolution on this on my email id Email Id removed for security

hi ..did u find a solution to your problem..that u get ntoskrnl.exe while scanning through AVG.. if yes then please reply back asap...thanks..
Am also getting the same Problem. ntoskrnl.exe has been changed as reported by AVG antivirus.
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Tuesday May 13, 2008
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Iam from Portugal, sorry about my mystakes writing ...

After I install SP3 on my Windows XP PROFISSIONAL and after I check that I pc had a virus.

i install NOD32 to fix the virus ....
Find 10 erros to solved ...

After that I install spybot search and distroy them we find 81 entries ... we fiz them all ... after that 2 issues ... restart PC ...


"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

<Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.

Please re-install a copy of the above file."

i read a lot of pages in google, I did a lot of search ... and most of the problems or kind of the problems are solved with a CD of WINDOWS go to repair consulo do this, do that ... and its done.

I try already do that but after I press R appears a blue screen with a msg that said I dont have a HD and I could not go to recovery console ... the only option is F3 and start over again.


i tryit to make a clean new installation on the same HD and the msg is the same when I want to start to install a new OS, u dont have HD ...

I already o to BIOS and I check that I have HD.

How can I put into this HD a clean copy of the ntoskrnl.exe ? ?

Using a BOOT CD with PMAGIC? or used another program to see what happend do my HD ? ?
or because of the missing ntoskrnl.exe my machine is assuming that I dont have HD.

i try already to put another HD in IDE and after install XP coud be able to see the other HD ... but I could only see the IDE HD...

Is is possible anyone helpme? I have a lot of information on that HD that can be deleted

This is Raghava, I had seen that u had problem with ur sata HD is not finding when u are install new copy of Operation syst.com

for that u have to take the sata HD drivers.download the drivers for sata ,take the drivers into usb floppy and restart the system interseting ur the bootable cd in cd rom and the proccedure stats u press f6 key contously,till will find the used floppy and load the drivers

hi, hope by now you have fixed this problem but something I have found when windows is not functioning in some systems, is IF your system BIOS has under "powermanagment" or something of the sort, you will find information os "ACPI management(or something similar.)" IF you have the option to disable this, some do some dont, try to disable it. It is basically as I get it an intel powermanagement feature meant to replace APM. for some reason I have found in some systems that when this is enabled my linux has no problems(installing), though anything that I try to boot ie;server 2k3 , XP does not see a drive. says the same error yours does. try to disable this until the windows is fixed, then after you repair the windows, and restart go back to bios and reenable it. hope that helps...
Okay, to the guy that says the recovery console says his hd is missing:

Number one thing is that windows install CDs dont recognize SATA disks without either external drivers or IDE emulation.

You have to put your SATA drivers on a floppy and press f6 during the install cd to read the drivers so that the windows install cd / recovery console will 'see' the drive,
or perhaps depending on your motherboard there is a way to turn on IDE emulation in the BIOS settings if it's available (usually labelled COMPATIBILITY or ACPI).

Now on to my problem.

I do not have emulation or ACPI or a floppy drive, so my SATA disk is unavailable to install windows on to due to the fact that I don't have drivers. My other two IDE drives work, but for some reason I am getting the NTOSKRNL error no matter how many times I try to install windows.

I am going to try downloading an edition of windows slipstreamed with SATA drivers, they are plentiful on demonoid.com.

i m having the same problem and in need of someone's help.
If you're receiving an error stating that one or more of the important system files are missing, then it could be that the file(s) is missing or the file resides on the area of the hard drive that the system could not read or gain access to.
If the file is missing, use the appropriate operating system CD/DVD to expand the missing file from the operating system CD/DVD setup files/cabs. You should be able to find plenty of instructions when you use a search engine for the missing file. This may or may not get you back on your feet, so dont expect too much.

If the file resides on the area of the hard drive that is inaccessible or could not be read, you have to determine whether this is a software or hardware error. Run a hard drive diagnostics from the computer's OEM tools, or find the hard drive's OEM webpage to download their own tools. The hard drive diagnostics should let you know whether there's physical damage or not. If there are hardware errors reported by the tools, there's a good chance that the missing file is in the bad sector, and you most likely will not be able to repair that file. If the hard drive diagnostics doesnt report a hardware problem, then the problem is most likely software. If you suspect a software error (corrupted file), run chkdsk /r. Here's a link that explains what chkdsk does: http://ww1.vlaurie.com
Afther you've determined the problem, the safest thing to do is to use an external enclosure for your hard drive and save all your data to another hard drive or computer, then proceed with the repair process. You may be able to find a Windows CD/DVD and boot into the CD/DVD to repair your computer. When setup asks whether you want to install an OS or go into recovery mode, choose install an OS. After that step, setup will scan to see if there are any existing OS already on the disk. If you are luck, it will find your existing OS, and ask if you'd like to repair or reinstall from scratch.
If your hard drive has physical damage that chkdsk cannot repair, it's time to replace it. However, if you still think the hard drive is usable, wipe out the hard drive (after you've saved your data) and reinstall the operating system.

Good luck!
How can I be getting this same error after installing a brand new hard drive? Same error - missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe. Keyboard and mousepad not working. So, it's not the hard drive. Could it be the dell disks? I've tried two different disks..one xp one home...same error both times and same issue with keyboard/touchpad.
i had the same problem and I need to backup all my important document before format it

how I am going to backup my document
You are the best. I have been able to follow your instruction on how to Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
What I did in my own case was that I bought new window xp 2005. I put on my computer and insert the cd into cd-rom and the press shift+tab and f8. It brought out different drive that I should choose to load, I selected cd+rom that all. It install all the new xp.