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plz help me out,.. i am having problem while windows installing....when i start installing windows in boot menu when system reads the files for keyboard,mouse, etc etc on blue screen ... after it appears windows is starting setup.. instead of starting setup my computer shuts down and display a message on a blue screen (due to some fault windows cannot start setup and shuts down... if this screen appears once then check may be you have some viruse in hard drive or hard drive is not terminated correctly and etc etc on blue screen..)... and i am so fed up of it now... i have only one drive in partition i have every thing in that drive...i deleted the file of windows system, and system 32.. now also cannot use windows because its totally corrupt...tell me some way to install new window without giving error

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hi there,

use a good cd there may be scratches on it

before proceeding try to make a repair

use link below and follow the steps:



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