After windows update, I can't start computer

Ren - Aug 13, 2009 at 11:10 AM
 Ren - Aug 14, 2009 at 08:07 AM

I downloaded the latest windows updates yesterday (August 12, 2009) and shut down my computer to complete the install. There being 10 next updates, it took a while and I left my computer to do its business and shut down when it was finished.

Today I have not been able to start my computer at all. I have been playing with the insides - the wires and connections to see if that has any effect but there's been no luck so far. When I press the power button I get a short burst of power as the fans whir for about a second and then stop. The Mobo has a small led on it that signals that it has power flowing to it and is still on.

I do not know if the updates did anything to the computer, or that something inside it is fried. I wasn't doing anything else on it like playing demanding games or anything else that would be taxing on any part of the computer.

I'm stuck. Someone please help.

OCZ StealthXStream 600W power suppply
Asus P5N-D SLI nVidia nForce750i SLI Chipset Dual-Channel DDR2 667/800Mhz motherboard
Geforce 9800 GT video card
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300. 2.50 Ghz, 1333 Mhz FSB

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ssgmike Posts 3 Registration date Wednesday August 12, 2009 Status Member Last seen August 13, 2009 6
Aug 13, 2009 at 01:31 PM
from what I udnerstand windows update downloads and installs any updates required by your system. Yes some require a reboot to complete the updagte but should have not one thing to do with damageing your system and causing it not to reboot.

Why would you tingle around with wires in your system after this update ?

Can I assume that you shut down your system on instructions from the update installation ?
Yes the shut down instructions were from the updates. And the reason I went inside my computer was because I thought there could have been a loose power connection or something wrong with the power button. It was because I wasn't able to restart my computer after the shut down so I figured it might be a quick fix like that.

Also I'm not confused about the update - it's just the last thing that I did before I wasn't able to turn on my computer. There should be nothing wrong with my computer, it's only 3 months old and has been working fine every day.