Laptop Keyboard not working

Tyler - Aug 19, 2009 at 06:27 PM
 Ahmed Afsal - Sep 23, 2010 at 09:51 AM
My laptop keyboard isn't working properly, on normal flash games when I press the arrow keys or any other control keys, It gets stuck, theres nothing holding the key down, but it gets stuck as if i was holding it down. I need help, I can't buy a keyboard for my laptop, I also can't give my laptop a total reboot because it erases everything, any help?

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I suggest that you first backup all the data,files (valuables things) before you start troubleshooting your
keyboard. and see if you have recently updated anything try one by one uninstalling or simply use the above method to get back in old stat using Windows recovery disc..

Alternatively you can use The On-Screen Microsoft virtual keyboard..
# clicking start->run... and type osk then hit enter. OR
# clicking start-> programs - > accessories - > accessibility - > On-Screen Keyboard
# Also, you can open c:WINDOWSsystem32 folder in Windows explorer and double click osk.exe

Hope this information finds you useful on keyboard issues..