Ipod got stuck

 benny -
my ipod got stuck... what to do now???
when i connected it with the computer it got stuck...
now its not working....
what should i do now????

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hi there,

use these steps:

Hold down the Menu button on the clickwheel and the center button at the same time.

Hold these together for 6-10 seconds. This should restart the iPod video.

You’ll know the iPod is restarting when the screen changes and the Apple logo appears.

If this doesn’t work, you should try plugging your iPod into a power source and let it charge.

Then repeat the steps.

Thank you

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My iPOD not recognized by computer and I hold menu and center same time for 30 sec on unhold. Its recognized. Thanks
thanks! u r so brilliant! i didnt knew ths! what ive been doing is to let the battery drain. damn, u r so good, u saved my day! :)
Thank u sooooo much...... Ur such a gr8 persom
Thanks for ur tip
thank u so much
thank you so much :)
thanks dude !!!
it works !!!
woah! that's the ebst answer ever! thanx man!!!