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i downloaded the new windows live messenger 9 and when I signed in all my contacts that I had were deleted what should I do? I really need help to sort this out cause I want to talk to my friends again

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Try this
"I recovered my contacts by doing the following. Clicked on Tools, Options, Privacy. Right Click on Entries in the Allow List that you wish to recover. Click on Add to Contacts. They went straight back onto the list without having to contact the person. Grouping and Nicknames had been lost. Not sure if it helps everyone here or not."

otherwise, from what I can make out this is a very common issue with version 9

go back to your previous version if the above does not help.

until ms fix the issue
Thank you

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Nice one mate :) still wanna know why my entire contact list got removed, but at least I have my contacts back. Thank you!
Thankyou soo much!
You are a big lifesaver (:
Thank you very much bro!!!!!
thnx man, that was helpful.
Thanks for the advice.
But I didn't just lose my MSN contact list, I also lost all of my hotmail contacts and all of my hotmail emails :/

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