Windows Live Messenger 8.1 not working?

 Ariel -
I've been using Windows Live Messenger 8.1 for a year or more now, but today when I tried to login to it, it told me that I can't login unless I install the newer version of Windows Live Messenger. I've never had this kind of message pop up before so I don't understand why it's doing it now. The reason I'm using an old version of Windows Live Messenger in the first place is because apparently the newer versions don't support Windows XP 64 bit and 8.1 was the only one I could find that did. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know where I can find a version that still works and is compatible for Windows XP 64 bit?

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damn it has happened to me just right now and it says i need to download the new version and everythime i click "no" it has stop from signing works so fine this few hours ago and i dont wna install the new version coz it sucks as ive read in reviews and see the screenshots.i like this 8.5 or somethin like the old one. but its shitting me now i cudnt sign in.Me and my Bf is just over the internet.i could not live without MSN messenger 8.5! its not workin now and its SHIT! and i cdnt do anythin!
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go to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\
right-click on msnmgr.exe and click on "Properties"
go to "Compatibility" tab and check the "run this program in compatibility mode" and select "Windows 2000". then click ok.
should work 100% now.
yep doing the same for me as today, i really HATE the new version, i dont like it at all, the fact that i'm forced to install really psis me off. anyay as posted on the official site, its stated that its a security issue in the earlier version that does this. i'll wait couple of weeks and check if someone craked it because if i cant use 8.1 anymore, i'll dump MSN and never use it again. hope it wont happen.
Actually you can still use 8.1 by running it in "compatability" mode (select Windows 2000).
hun compatibility mode what ? im running windows xp sp3 32bits edition...

yep..It happen to be today too...Sigh...Any way to stop it??It was fine last night..
Microsoft has decided to upgrade all their MSN clients due to the fact that people are still getting scammed / spammed etc over MSN. The new MSN (live messenger) has better block system and you are able to report people who are trying to f.ex secude your little sister / children.

The only way to ensure that people shall upgrade is to block out the old clients from the system...thats why they have done it. My guess is that they will not return back to "how it was".
just change the compatibility mode and 8.1 will work fine. changed it to windows 200 and im using windows vista. Now it works fine again. I hate all the new versions

The best one ever was 4.7
is there a compatibility mode in win xp ??
thnxk alot The Boss. hope this trick will last forever or i'll dump this piece of shit of MSN 9 away.