Window is automatically shut down

melody - Jul 16, 2008 at 12:08 AM
 THOSMY - Jul 16, 2008 at 07:04 AM

My PC (Compac with Window's XP professional) has been working fine. But today, I cannot get it started anymore. When I start it, it shows WINDOW is brought up, and the screen with green pastures and white clouds showed. Then before all the icons coming out, the screen was replaced with a plain light blue screen displaying "PLEASE WAIT..." ( the verbiage is typically seen when shutting down the PC), after about 1 minute, the PC will be shut down.

I tired to start PC in SAFE mode, and select to restore the system back to the checkpoint from last Friday. It seems completed restoration fine. But when the PC is restarted, the same problem occurred again.

I greatly appreciate if anyone can shed some lights on this.

Thanks a lot!


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It dosen't sound like you have the Blaster Virus, but it may be because your CPU is getting too HOT. Seeing this alot of late, don't know why.

To test your CPU Temp, go into BIOS, ussualy by Pressing the DEL or F2 key at startup, and goto the PC HEALTH tab, if your PC is over 60 Degree C, your PC is automatically shutting itself down. To prevent this, add an extra fan, cremove any dust from inside the CASE, and maybe adding Heat Sink Compond to the surface of your CPU.

If this is not the problem, run any Virus and Spyware program, you might have.

Hope this may help.