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HI Folks

i am worried I just formatted my laptop aspire 3680 with and made the installation of windows Xp Sp3 on it.

The installation has been correctly done and most or my drivers installed on the pc.

But seems that my wifi driver has not been installed

I have been going on acer support official website to be able to retrieve the driver and downloaded a zip file

after installation of driver installed my computer still not recognize my driver

plz help me

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The Wi-Fi connection on your wireless device may have problems for many reasons and in many cases not work, mostly these problems are the same user errors, verify that the problem is due to then know what the solution of it, read this post where you can see most of the reasons why the Wi-Fi might not work and how to solve each problem:

I hope this information is helpful.
Thank you

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I got the same problem

You must search for wifi atheros broadcom driver

Download it from another site or search for a compatible driver
> gedex
Install broadcom wireless for aspire 4520, not atheros wireless.
problem wifi acer 3680
WLAN not working for xp installer ... why ? what I have to do ? I see in control panel installer not have a problem, but still dosn't work ... the driver is atheros ar5005g.
The drivers on my Acer Aspire One 756 doesn't work. I tried broadcom and atheros but it's still not working. Help!
I had the same problem with my 3680. Vista was so slow I had to go back to XP. The 3680 handbook says that the wlan chip is Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG. I tried all the Intel 3945ABG drivers from Acer but no go. I did a hardware listing under Fedora(/sbin/lspci) and it said my chipset was Atheros AR242x. I got the 'Wireless Lan Driver Atheros 802abg Atheros ver.' from the Atheros website and the wifi now works. When I tried to load Acer Empowering Technology which was there with Vista it said this programme only works with Intel chips?? Am I misunderstanding something here? To offer Vista on low power laptops is ridiculous. Next time I will request XP as the operating system.
Start the system and enter setup then restore to default settings and go to main, then navigate sata mode and set it to IDE mode instead of AHCI mode
Hey. I just used the instructions on the intel website to find out what mine was (I also have an Acer Aspire 3680). It's neither an Intel nor a..whatever that other one was. It says that it's a Yukon. A Marvell Yukon 88E8038. Unless I'm completely wrong about that.

Solved the problem?
hiii guys.. if anyone need xp drivers for acer 4520 go to acer's website.. they still got all the xp drivers

then select your notebook and select your os....
same like my problem with my 4520 acer aspire x.x
all the drivers are in the driver autorun pack it on torrent.thanks 4 me
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