My address bar disappeared, want it back [Solved/Closed]

 Pam -
I accidentaly eliminated my address bar. I am using windows XT and Firefox browser. Can you help me?
Thanks, in any event

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push F10 to bring the menu back up temporarily then view then toolbars ect
Thank you

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Thank ,you brighten my day.
Thank you. I got the toolbars back.
Thanks, F10 worked just long enough for me to get to the tools, right click to open then click on "navigation bar", which brought up back arrow, browser bar, etc, But then file, edit, view, tools, ect disappeared, F10 gets them back for a few seconds, but I want them back all the time. What has happened? Do I need to dump my Google Browser and use something else?
F10 works.
Thanks! Now I feel like a computer geek Instead of an idiot!
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Yes of course I can help you, it's very simple to solve,

1. Go in firefox
2. Right click on your top taskbar
3. Tick on navigation toolbar

and your problem is solved.
F10 did the trick - thanks
f10 worked ;D thanks
thanks so much!!!!! really was getting worried about that lol
thank u. I got it.. :D

thanks !
please help me to get my tool bar back
go on top click right button and click on navigation bar
I do not have a search bar of mozilla firefox.
plz help me and I use this
cant find my tool bar , back arrow, and ect help
My browser bar, back arrows, tool, etc all gone; tried to drag browser down but can't get the arrow to do it.
Had the same issue and found a solution. Right click on the tool bar, unclick "lock the toolbars", three little dots will appear where it says "address", drag the dots to where you want the address bar and "voila" it should be there. As a final thing right click on the toolbar again and click "lock the toolbars". Hope this helped
Problem is if there is no toolbar and nothing to click on and no amount of left- or right-clicking helps. Press ALT+F4 and a whole lot of stuff appears that you can work with. Thanks to whoever suggested this - I can't find it now.
Thanks, saved my life!
f10 has done a great solved it please try..////
Thank u very much I solved this problem,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! That worked!

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