ZERKA - Sep 18, 2009 at 03:53 PM
 Anakontos - Oct 25, 2009 at 04:09 AM
i have portable usb 500gb hard disk drive..i'm using win xp sp3..till one week ago the hard disk was working fine..then from no reason when i plugged it in the windows found the new hardware but didn't recognize it as a hard disk and wanted the drivers for it..and this hard drive doesn't need other 2gb ub disc and mp3 players work fine when i connect them in the usb..i tried reinstalling windows,reinstalling usb drivers, changeing the usb kabel and nothing works..
when i plug in the hard drive in other computers it works just fine..
now i really don't know what to do..
thx for helping

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Sep 18, 2009 at 04:46 PM
dude that sucks. i don't know how to resolve this, but what other computers did you use it with before this happened... consider if they had a virus or something of that sort, then go out and by a cheap 1g thumbdrive from wallmart and test it on that computer, then see if it works on your computer. if it doesn't then make the other computer's owner buy you another harddisk, i know it won't make up for the lost data, and if theres nothing wrong i'm sorry. worst case scenario tho, you didn't plug it into someone elses computer.
ok i'll try that..but think it's not a problem with a virus because i tried my hard drive on 3 different friends computers and it works fine..their windows doesn't have any problem with my hard disk..and they doesn't need any drivers for it..
thx for the answer
Normally there are some problems in laptops, usb ports and SP3.
Usually the laptop has one usb port which is split into the different usb plugs you see on your laptop's case. XP SP3 causes problems with this, and the system cannot recognize your drives.
You will see that if you disconnect all usb devices, restart and then connect your drive , it will work properly.
The solution is to go back to SP 2. I have had the same problem, and found this solution in the internet. It works great.