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Myself plan to hide my important folders named "BILLA" in my c:/ hence and applied hidden properties to hide my "BILLA" it was not visible to anybody even myself. after some days, i want to unhide the same, but i can't ...

try it may site advising to click radio button in windows explorer -tools - view folder option, but i cant view my "BILLA" folder. many site advise me that it may be the virus or it to be change in registry option, i tried many thing...

Finally i got the answer by the help of my friend. find below

just click my computer or windows explorer
then in address bar just type 'c:\BILLA\
it will open but we can't view the sub folders and files
now rightclick and select properties then delight the radio button from hidden.
now set ok.

if anybody having problem of "Unable to open hidden folders"

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Dear Sir,

make sure that the path is correct.

It might be that the Billa file that you saved in your documents.

Consider checking the path well.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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