Compaq Presario V2000

Jerry - Oct 29, 2009 at 06:32 PM
 machhi - Dec 15, 2009 at 03:53 AM
I was digging through the extra junk I had in my closet to sell on Ebay and to my surprise I found my old laptop I thought I left in another state. It's a Compaq Presario V2000(yes I know..ancient). Well I went to turn it on and it wouldn't boot up. Every time I pushed the power on button, the fans would spin, then stop, and the scroll and caps lock lights would continuously blink almost every 1 - 2 seconds. I also tried to start it without the battery and just the power supply and I still received the same problem. This is beyond my knowledge and I've done my fair part of research and found no answers, so this is my only alternative. Thanks in advance.

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Hi jerry,

I too had the same issue and thru enough research viz. internet and my personal experience of using it for the past 5 years I have come to this conclusion.

The laptop is being affected by humidity of the environment surrounding ur area. This problem will vanish as soon as humidity drops down or during summer.

Work Around :

Warm up your laptop using a domestic hair drier in those regions like usp port , power pin area thru which hot air can pass through for some time 2-3min. Be carefull not to melt away the plastic or the LCD screen. Once you get those blinkings as u mentioned, force the laptop down by pressing power switch continuously for say 7-8 seconds. After it switches off, then restart. wait to see the bios screen and if not repeat the same process till u see BIOS post screen. As you see the bios screen the system will boot up as if there was no problem at all. Nothing error shall be reported due to a system failure.

This is purely my personal experience if you like, worth trying.
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Oct 30, 2009 at 01:28 AM
Dear Sir,

If it is an old laptop, it is for sure that this is hardware problems. Every laptop has a life and

this is what is resulting for you to have this specific problem.

Thanks in advance.