Cant see my hotmail inbox [Closed]

 JaredM -
i cant access my hotmail inbox, i am able to login into my account but i cant see my in box.
the error message comes out after logging into account is (you dont have an inbox yet) but i am able to function other features like account and ect.
please help me, the email account which i have problem with is (


Mansoor Ali

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hi .icant see my in box the error message hot mail,co,uk
ok my name ramsundar
The hotmail logo goes away so quickly that I can't click in. I have never had this problem before.
same issue - i believe its just a "welcome to windows live" email

but i still would like to view mine!

I have logged in using my .net passport email address not a .hotmail or .windowslive etc

Dear Mansoor,

This should be that there are problems contacting the server again. You should contact

the MSN Support Team and explain them the problem that you are having. They should

do the necessary to solve the matter.