Hotmail inbox not opening

wierdo - Nov 29, 2008 at 10:33 AM
 Kiran - Nov 20, 2012 at 09:20 PM
i have a problem reading my emails, my inbox opens but when I click to open any email it says error on page!! N I cant read my emails pls help!!!

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Bring up Tools, Internet Options, and press the 'Delete Files' button to clear out the Temporary Internet files, cookies and then refresh, should work
perfect - this worked, not any of the 1s below. Just in case u weren't sure like me, tools is to the right of the toolbar on your search engine
This works!
my hotmail is screwed up I can open but I can open and read my mail ? any help I would appreciate
Hi Guys,
I had the same problem with opening Hotmail for 3 days now and finally I've solved it.
I went to Calender underneath the Inbox button and cliced to previous month (June) and again back to Inbox button. Thats it. Problem solved.
Great Mia! Thanks!! Seems like *the* solution...
The only problem is...


I can't access my emails either.

I've tried Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer, nothing works.

I have lost whatever remaining respect I had for Microsoft, this is unacceptable and shameful.

I just want it to work one last time, so I can forward my mails to my gmail account.

How ridiculous is that!?

Hi Guys,

Try this .....go click on "calender" the last tac under inbox.., and see if it opens which I think will, and then click on "mail" on top, and then "Inbox"..You should be able to use same way everytime u open it. If it does not work on Internet explorer , USE FIRE FOX... Works for me.... I also updated java......

Hope it helps

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People, have you tried go to Internet Explorer or Firefox (a better browser) and write on them or just look that on google. Once there, you just need to give your mail account address and bellow can put your password. Then just press the button that appears bellow.

Making that I can sure 100% that let all of you go to hotmail inbox. Messenger is not the only way to access to your mail account.

To all those already knows that, other answer: use GMAIL is much more useful and better than hotmail. Messenger? Just let Gmail get or your mail of Hotmail inbox to your Gmail Inbox.
Sep 14, 2009 at 04:55 PM
i had the same problem but I solved it by disabled my google toolbar, if u have google toolbar installed on ur Internet explorer try to disable or uninstall it and I think it will be fine, Goodluck^ ^
I tried using calendar button several times. After I switched back from calendar to mail service and tried to open emails it didnt work again. None of the links on mail service, other than those that lead to calendar and contacts, seem to work.
Hey Folks,

I was suffering from same problem, upon hit and trial something worked for me.

When you place your mouse on the email you want to read, you will find an icon there which says "Mark this message as unread". I clicked on that once which made the mail to go read and clicked it again to make it unread. That worked as a charm as I was able to do things on Hotmail.