Windows 7 won't recognize XP PC in network

Barbara - Nov 9, 2009 at 12:28 PM
 frustrated Win 7 user - Nov 5, 2012 at 01:50 AM
I had a Compaq computer running Windows XP - used a Linksys WRT54G, Version 2 to network with my laptop, also running XP - everything worked fine. 2 weeks ago I purchased a new HP P6230Y loaded with Windows 7. When I set up the computer I attached the router to the new computer. I can't get the new PC to recognize the old XP PC and can't even go online with the XP. Do I need to somehow uninstall the Linksys info from the old PC? If so, how do I do that? Any help you can give would be appreciated!

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Nov 9, 2009 at 12:47 PM
Did you set up Homegroup for networking in Windows 7?
Homegroup only works with Windows 7 computers and will not talk to your XP computer.
If so, you will need to change the networking system to one that XP can use.

On your Windows 7 computer, click the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, then go to the Control Panel and choose Network and Sharing Center. Click the link under "view your active networks" (if you've set up a Homegroup,the link should say "home network").
In the next window choose "Work network" that will switch you from a homegroup to a workgroup so your two computers can talk to each other. Before you can network the computers, you must assign the same workgroup name to both of them and SHARE folders in Explorer.

The XP computer's internet problem is not related the above. If your broadband modem is connected to the router and the router is connected to each computer your should not have any problems. If you are using a wireless connection you may have changed the ID or keyword when you installed the Win 7 computer.

Good Luck
Just want to say thanks, your advice got me running in 2 minutes after an hour of MS aggravation
Me too... a million thanks!
I have tried this but still can not get the windows 7 machine to recognize the XP machines. Do you have any ideas
Hi XPCMan,
What do you suggest when this doesn't work. I followed you instructions carefully and got all computers in the same workgroup name and can see the Windows 7 machine from the XP machines, but still can't see the XP machines from the Windows 7 machine. This drives me crazy. I have been trying for 4-5 hours to get the Windows 7 machine to see the other machines.
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Jul 10, 2010 at 01:57 AM
DOH! I found the solution to my problem after hours of searching on forums and I felt like an idiot after discovering it. When I first installed Win7 I "tuned" it up to make it faster per some tips I found on another website. In msconfig I disabled several services, two of which were IP Helper and TCP/IP Netbios helper. I went back and reinstated those services and rebooted and VIOLA! I had XP networking. This was also on top of all the other settings I found too (work network, same homegroup, no 128 bit encryption). Hope that helps someone.
windows 7 has working group named get this WORKGROUP
In XP the workgroup MSHOME need to be changed to match this.
Thank you for the answer about changing the Win 7 Network settings to "Work" rather than "Home" group.

This worked perfectly. And was easy to change & test.

I had similar issue trying to get existng network talking to new Win 7 install & have been looking at lots of forums to find that answer.

I think lots of people elsewhere are making it harder than they need to.

Figured it should be easier than lots of people are making it.

Thanks again. Saved lots of wasted time.
I am experiencing the same difficulties as others. My network consists of a Laptop running XP and two Desktops, one running XP and the other running Win 7. Prior to installing Win 7 on one of the Desktops my network worked as one would expect.......NOW......I'm here looking for solutions.

I have ensured that
1) all three machines are connecting to the same network
2) the Win7 machine is using a work network

The result:
1) both machines running XP see each other and the shares; neither see the Win 7 machine
2) the Win 7 machine does not see either of the XP machines

I don't know if this will add anything to the solution but I'm unable to get the Peer Networking Grouping service to run on the Win 7 machine. This service has two dependencies; Peer Networking Identity Manager service and Peer Name Resolution Protocol service. I'm able to start the Peer Networking Identity Manager service but am not able to get the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service to Start.

Does this have any bearing on the problem with which we are all struggling?
I had this issue, the solution is easy (you may have found it already)

On the windows 7 machine, go to the network and sharing center. Click on the "Advanced sharing settings".

Almost towards the bottom, there should be a "File Sharing Connections" section, which is probably defaulted to the 128-bit encryption. Change it to the 40 or 56 bit encryption and your XP machine should show up.
Mark, thank you! This was the missing link!

To repeat this (hopefully so the search engines find it) for sharing between Windows 7 and Windows XP you have to set your Windows 7 computer to the lower encryption setting before it will see the Windows XP computers on your network.

Didn't find the answer you are looking for?

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I simply shut of my F-secure firewall and put on my windows firewall !

That's it.
chranging the work group names to match, ex. mshome, then making windows7 a work network instead of home network will make it work
The bottom line is Microsoft Networking is a contradiction of terms. It has never worked well and with Windows 7 a whole new level of frustration has been introduced. Why has network discovery always taken so long? Is there a secret society within Microsoft that will fix this for you if you bring large bags of dollars? In my case my xp machines would always map out okay. My first win 7 box with home premium 32 bit worked also. My new laptop with Win 7 home premium 64 bit can't see anyone else over the wireless link. It can see the other win 7 box if a wired connection is used. I sure it is a setting somewhere, but why is this so difficult. I am a computer professional with 40 years of hands on experience and it is difficult for me. What the hell is going on here? Microsoft help is non-existent. Maybe it's time to throw out all the Microsoft boxes and convert to Apple or Linux. We have super fast hardware and super bad software. Would it help; if I invited in one of those people on TV who say that Windows 7 was their idea? I could sure put them to work. I have tried all the suggestions above, and no luck. Why would wireless act different than wired, when Xp works in both cases.
Apr 21, 2010 at 10:03 PM
microsoft can give you an answer but they'll charge you like $60 to put you through to advanced networking, and they'll tell you step by step how to connect xp and win7. too bad I haven't done it or else i'd give away the secret in a jiffy
I had the same problem and tried everything and the solution I finally found att Microsoft as follow:

If you're using Windows Firewall, you can skip this section, because Windows Firewall automatically opens the correct ports for file and printer sharing when you turn on network discovery. If you're using another firewall, you must open these ports yourself so that your computer can find other computers and devices that have files or printers that you want to share.

To find other computers running Windows Vista, open these ports:

*UDP 3702

*TCP 5357

*TCP 5358

To find other computers running earlier versions of Windows, and to use file and printer sharing on any version of Windows, open these ports:

*UDP 137

*UDP 138

*TCP 139

To find network devices, open these ports:

*UDP 1900

*TCP 2869

Gunnar in Sweden
I simply shut of f-secure firewall and engaged windows firewall.

That's it !!!
just wanted to say thanks to xpcman. I had no idea why it wouldnt work (i'm well versed in xp and prior but not vista or 7) and it so simple as to change my settings from home to work. ugh I feel stupid, but thank you once again!
I had to Change from workgroup to Home to access the networks and now it works fine! Thanks guys
FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE PEOPLE where it didn't work even though all suggestions were followed, here's why:

Your routers needs to be connected DIRECTLY to your main (desktop) computer, not through another device. I had mine going through a VOIP adapter. I removed this, and how it works.
My problem is the other way round! We have 3 computers in the house, a new one with Windows 7 (64 bit), a notebook with Vista & a notebook with XP (home prem). The PC with 7 finds the other 2 computers on the network, the computer with Vista finds the other 2 computers on the network, BUT the computer with XP only finds the computer with Vista on the network!! Why can't it find the PC with 7?? Can anyone help?
I've already tried the fix which entails making it a workgroup & not a homegroup, but that didn't make any difference!
Hi all. I had the same problem and did everything suggested to no avail. I could get to the Windows XP Pro SP3 computer with my Windows 7 Pro laptop, but got the error message when trying to open the shared folder. Some of these guys are reporting the issue correctly and I believe they did everything right. My tip, which did solve the problem was to add a registry entry that will increase the IRPStackSize to 15. Turns out for me the issue had nothing to do with networking. You can look here to help you solve your issue and read about the solution:
On which computer did you add the registry entry?
shld put it on xp or 7???