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 DodgeBoy -
I can't figure out how to drop contact info in the contacts list in Outlook 2010. There does not appear to be an import export button. I have several other email accounts with many contacts but would like to work in Outlook only. It certainly is good at synching up with any number of email accounts but fails at importing contacts from those accounts nor did it grab contacts from Outlook 2007 at install.

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office 2010 beta export/import:

1. file
2. open
3. import
4. you should now see the old import and export wizard
Thanks FSUgeiger, you were the only one that has gotten this right for me.
More sense than th erst of the internet put together ... Huzzah - and thank you.
Being digging through mounds of dung on the web trying to get this done..

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!
Worked for me too! phew!
fsugeiger, u seem really good at computers........can u please help me, or can anyone help me for that matter? If not then me and my gf may not talk ever again......i seem to be having a bad week cuz i screwed up her laptop and my desktop within 2 days.....and her and me have a long distance relationship, so please.....help me if u can? anyone please? U can find out what my problems are. I posted my problem. its called AOL's AIM and MSN's Windows Live Messenger, thanks!
I took ages to find this too.

Click on the File tab (extreme LHS of the "ribbon") at the bottom of the list on the navigation pane down the LHS is Business Contact Manager, click on this & Import Export is at the top of the list that opens up in the centre pane. Click on that button for the Import / Export options.

I hope this helps.
After finally finding the Import/Export link, I get the following message when I attempt to either import or export my contacts:

Translation Error

An error has occurred in the OLSAM translator while trying to attach a translator.

Internal error: Invalid SAM ID

I am running Outlook 2010 Beta on a 64 bit Dell with Windows 7 Premium.
> RoadRoy
I have a 64 bit Windows 7 Professional System. I get the same OL.Sam error. Did you ever find an answer?
> Puzzled

I have the exact same problem. It is clearly a bug in Outlook 2010 beta. But I was impatient to import my Gmail contacts into Outlook, so I worked around the problem, using my Hotmail account as a go-between:

1. Export Gmail contacts to a Outlook .csv file
2. Log in to Hotmail (the webmail version, not through Outlook)
3. Import your Gmail contacts into Hotmail (it will create a mess if you have kept different contact lists)
4. Make sure Outlook 2010 is configured with your Hotmail (using the Outlook Connector)
5. In Outlook, click on Contacts. All your Hotmail contacts should be there.
6. Simply copy/paste your contacts from the Hotmail contacts to the Gmail contacts. You can copy wholesale, or by group, or individually, doesn't matter. I tried drag and drop, that DOESN'T work. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V work, on the other hand.

As a result, Outlook 2010 is still buggy, but I now have all my Gmail contacts in Outlook 2010.

Good luck with that!
It appears to be a bug fixed in the new release
how do you update Office?

Dear Gus,

You should get to File> Import and Export menu and then just follow up

with the instructions. You must make sure that the values are separated

by commas so that the contacts get copied properly.

Thank you.
It really drives me crazy when people respond to questions without taking the time to read the whole question. Gus, the question was in regards to exporting Outlood data from OUTLOOK 2010. There is no File>Import Export in Outlook 2010. I haven't been able to figure it out either, other than taking the .pst file from the back end.