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How can i fix hotmail if it keeps freezing or crashing?


I am using Hotmail and now my Hotmail keeps freezing or crashing. Please suggest reasons and solutions for it.

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Unable to reply to emails


Can someone advise me how to conquer this sudden difficulty? Emails arrive, I can read them, but when I click "Reply" nothing happens. Why? Than...

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Best mbox conversion software


Last few days I have suffered to the conversion of MBOX files. Can anyone suggest the best way of MBOX conversion? Which is easier and Saves my all MB...

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Yahoomail ads


If I follow these instructions, will I still see the yahoo ads and "news"? I was planning to open an Outlook account and just forward Yahoomail to it...

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Not able to send mail from the gmail outlook


Hello, I had configured Gmail in Outlook 2007. I am able to recieve all the mails. But the problem is not able to send mail from outlook. I had giv...

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Chetan pop (imap) settings outlook


I got my email working using the following settings: Account type: Choose IMAP Incoming mail server: Outgoing mail server ...

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Unable to send emails from outlook


Hello, I have a friend who is suddenly unable to send emails. Can receive, however. Error Message is "unknown error" Ox800CCC81. Help would be most...

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Outlook syncing/sharing.


Hi All, Do we have any Outlook gurus here? Something I've never had to do before, and dont know how to start - even google searches arent helpful a...

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Outlook 2010 configure for gmail


I have created an account and tried configuring through Outlook 2010. Though the test message is successful for sending and receiving, outlook is able...

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Convert pst to mbox for importing into thunderbird


I have a pst file which contains all my outlook mail backups. I want to convert .pst to .mbox for importing those mails into my Thunderbird account. ...

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Outlook 2007 is not sending mails


Hello, Have a nice day. I migrate my data from one PC to another. The old one was having Windows XP operating system along with Outlook 2003 w...

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Outlook can receive but not send with certain wifi networks


Hello, I moved my PC to a new home and found that my Outlook can receive but not send when connected to the home's wifi. When I set up a hotspot on...

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How to fix 'cannot attach a file in outlook'


Hi team I find your website very helpful so I am returning the help - After searching the web and trying to resolve the above problem for hours, I fo...

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Suddenly unable to send emails


I am able to receive emails just fine. Going to the webmail server on the web I can both send and receive emails. I've tried adjusting settings on my ...

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Outlook backup


Hello, how to take outlook backup one machine to another machine Plz reply me Thanks Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 47.0

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Microsoft outlook keeps sending the message


Hello, I have Windows Vista with Office 2007. Microsoft Outlook has been working fine for 18 months but has suddenly developed a fault when sending e...

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Outlook 2010 configuration for


Hello, I am not able to configure outlook 2010 for OS- window 7 64 bit Could you please provide me the server, port details.. Thank y...

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Rod B.

My email have been deleting without reading


Hello, I keep getting emails saying that some emails have been deleted without being read. The message below is typical of what I am seeing is: ...

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Outlook repair tool for .pst files


Hello everyone, I'm not really sure what happened, but this morning, one of my pst-files was missing and for another I got the error: "Errors have ...

Last reply on 29 Feb 2016 by

Frequent missing emails inbox (blank)


Hello, Please assist me , why my email in my inbox goes missing, this is my 5th time it happen again. Once my inbox emails goes blank, I need to s...

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Outlook can receive mail but can't send mail


Hello, I have a friend who is suddenly unable to send emails. But he Can receive, however. Error Message is "unknown error" Ox800CCC13 windows 10 ...

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How can i restore corrupt .edb?


Hello, I have an exchange server with a .edb that is in a dirty shutdown state. I have 2 storage groups. The second storage group will not mount d...

Last reply on 27 Oct 2015 by

Allow rules wizard to work without exchange server?


Hello, I no longer work for the company that had the Exchange server and I have my personal pop3 email coming into Outlook. When I try to use th...

Last reply on 13 Oct 2015 by

I am unable to send out hotmail from ms outlook


Hello, I have configured two email address in outlook 2007. one gmail another one is hotmail. I can send email by my first one gmail account but I...

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Stop outlook from transfering emails from my


Hello, Everytime I open my outlook it transfres all of my comcast emails to outlook. How do I stop this? Thanks, Harri

Last reply on 7 Aug 2015 by
Bugs bunny

Exchange 2007 corrupt database


I'm running Exchange 2007 Enterprise on Windows 2003. I have about 10 databaes that are running. I reboot the server this morning due to some updates ...

Last reply on 28 Jul 2015 by

Ms outlook outlook data file cannot be accessed " while accessin


I am unable to open my Outlook file due to corruption how to repair database .pst file of MS outlook. I was using Microsoft Outlook 2007 from last 2 y...

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Outlook 2010 cannot open or access the required pst file


Thi smorning a system has had a problem. When I try to open Outlook, I get the following error: "Cannot expand the folder. The set of folders canno...

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Need to recover a pst file having a password.


Hello, I am in need of a soft utility which can be used to change/ recover the password set on a pst file in outlook. I have a user who has forgo...

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How to repair large outlook 2007 pst on windows 7


Hello, User running Windows 7, with Outlook 2007, 20 GB PST. User has two email account, 1 may be an IMAP, 1 may be POP, or both can be POP (I'l...

Last reply on 7 Jun 2015 by

Outlook archive file not opening


I have Outlook 2007 which has a 4Gb archive pst file stored on a file server, there are other archive pst's that I can open but this one wont,...

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Outlook 2007 corrupted .pst


My Outlook 2007 cant open .pst file. IT appears file was corrupted. I ran scanpst, but it couldnt solve the issue. Does anyone know third party sof...

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Outlook 2007 data file repeatedly corrupt


Looking for possible causes for corruption. Window 7 32 bit all updates, Office 2007 SP2 and all updates, POP3 mail account, 5.68 GB pst file, ...

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Repair outlook express dbx file


has a sent items.dbx file which is about 400 over MB.. when open it, there is only a few emails with the file size quite small. any recommended free s...

Last reply on 26 Apr 2015 by

Recover corrupted outlook express folders


I accidentaly deleted some folders in my Inbox Folder. My problem is now, how do I get back the .dbx files without losing any important information? P...

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Recover deleted emails in outlook express...


Hi! Prompt please... Is there any way to recover deleted e-mail messages in Outlook Express? An important message was accidentally deleted from the...

Last reply on 26 Mar 2015 by

Recovering missing emails by restoring outlook identity from tim


had a problem with Outlook 2011 client - emails went missing and not in deleted / purged folders if i restore outlook identity from a date i know h...

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Problem recovering deleted item in outlook 2010


I try to open deleted item recovery in Outlook 2010 and attempts to recover any message and receives the following error message: "Outlook was unable ...

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Opening ost files with outlook 2013


How can one open existing ost files in Outlook 2013? I tried but I get a message that it is not an Outlook Data file.

Last reply on 2 Mar 2015 by

Computer show me the error message. (.pst file)


Hello, After restore the .pst file back to hard disk, the computer show me the error message. How can i repair this file? Please help Best regards....

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How to restore the telephone book from the wab file?


How to restore the telephone book from the wab file? There is a file .wab, by the file size can be seen that the contacts are there but when opening ...

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Exchange inbox repair tool


Hello, I have Exchange 2010 server that is being used to temporarily hold mailboxes. After a reboot the .edb file went from 276gb to 0kb. Of cour...

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Why dbx files do not opened


As soon as I have not tried to open the file through Outlook. Out - walked into account. Downloaded the new version - nothing helped. Outlook does not...

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I am looking for outlook express fix tool


Hello everyone...How can i restore damaged .DBX file of OE? I am not able to see the mails. My 4 Gb data in inbox.dbx is corrupted of .dbx files by u...

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How do i get my old inbox back?


My computer had some network difficulty. After shutting down I noticed my Outlook Express inbox was empty. When browsing to my OE folder I see two i...

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Lost password to pst file


Hi, I had a .pst file with a password set on MS Outlook 2010. Now I can't remember what the password is. How can I get back my emails? Thanks.

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Can't send email on outlook 7


I cannot send email on outlook 7 using window 7 ultimate, it's reporting error (0x800cccof) can anyone help on this? Thanks Bobosco

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Hacked e-mail account


how to retrieve my hacked hotmail account. I tried 3 attempts by using the Microsoft forms to reset my password but it failed. Missing some security ...

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Update of outlook, and after that i cannot receive or send mails


The computer made an update of Outlook, and after that I cannot receive or send mails. I get the message "Not implemented" when trying. I have the sa...

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Macro to create email, and pick which email account to send from


I already have this set up how I want... Sub MakeMsg() Dim msg As Outlook.MailItem Today = Format(Now(), "mm-dd-yy") Set msg = Application.CreateIt...

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