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Sunday August 17, 2008
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April 1, 2009
 tangocharliepdx -
My display screen has rotated to a 90 degrees angle ever since my little cousin has played with it. I really dont know how it happened and how to fix it and I really need my computer for work.

please help me

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You can also (if using XP) click CTRL+ALT+ARROW KEY. Find out which ones fix your monitor.
Thank you

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i did that and it just did nothing
Thank you this really helped as my lil brother was watching a DVD on my laptop and well when I looked back it was messed up :/ "sigh" anyway thanks for this post it's all fine and dandy :)
thank you so much, my problem is solved...!!!
thanks, my screen rotated and I panicked, really appreciate the quick solution

Awesome! Thanks! I was starting to get a kink in my neck...
ctrl/alt/up arrow usually works w/ Dell computers.
thnks man it worked with winxp also
Solution :

* Step 1: With the Desktop screen displayed in front of you, use your mouse left-click to access the Graphic Properties option
* Step 2: Select the Rotation Tab
* Step 3: Uncheck the box labeled Enable Rotation
thanks for good information.
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Tuesday August 26, 2008
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February 4, 2009
go to the properties option and chage it there.

right click on the desktop and click on properties and then change it from there or go to the control panel option
I know how to do a quick fix...want to know if anyone has any info on how to BLOCK this screen shift.

I am a gamer, and this particular combo is a PAIN.....
Just Press control, alt, and the up arrow key or down arrow key.
press control alt then up on the arrow key!!! =)
hold control+alt+any of the arrow keys...
The Windows key and letter X will bring up the "Windows Mobility Center" and it is also available there if the other options didn't work for you. HTH.

thx for the help! I got it taken care of, (thank goodness)

I actually use that combo of keys quite a bit, being a video game buff.
that ctrl alt arrow key never worked for me and I came here and found this one and worked ... THANKS I was about to go crazy...
My HP tc4400 did not change the screen orientation with ctrl-alt-arrow, so this was a nice shortcut to find.
CTRL ALT Up arrow key
just press control+alt+any of the arrow keys..
Thank you so much, it worked! :D
press CTRL + ALT and an ARROW KEY, to rotate the screen
God bless you. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
On some Toshiba Notebooks (ie. Sattelite L350D) you must press CTRL+SHIFT+Cursor to change the screen rotation.
well you can try this CTRL the key +AlT the key +the arrow keys up down left or right that will make it go back to normal I think.
use the CTRL + ALT and the arrow keys
All you have to do is go to NVDA setting on the little tool bar option same one where the volume is and then go to rotation settings and click on 0 degrees
ctrl (arrow keys)
Thanks a million!! What a simple fix!!!
use control alt than the arrow keys