Internet Explorer 8 Problem

 Mickey -
Good day,
I recently reinstalled Avast Anti-Virus, and since then the Explorer won't show Security Code pictures, some other pictures and advertisements on some sites, It won't load the G-mail on regular mode (only basic-HTML), When I press the 'Talk back' button on news sites it doesn't react, it won't even show the Google box which opens with suggestions whenever you enter a word.
Tried to uninstall Avast completely, it didn't help.
Active scripting is enabled.

I downloaded Google Chrome and it asked for the Flash plugin, downloaded it, and everything works great there, Explorer remains problematic.

I'm a novice, but any help would be much appreciated since it's not my computer.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Try to remove avast antivirus by logging into safe mode. It will work.

Restore Internet explorer settings to default . you can do this following the path below

1) Open internet explorer then click on Tools then Internet Options.
2) Now click on advanced Tab and then click on Reset Button and then click on apply and finally OK button.

Now try the browsing now.

I hope these things will help you to resolve the problem

Best of luck

Imran Khan
Thanks a bunch for answering Imran, but still, I'm having this problem.
Sorry for keeping on posting, just a small update:
Seems like I can't even use the search option in Windows (a window appears with nothing in it), and when I press on the Help and Support button, nothing happens.

Scanned for viruses and malware, found nothing.