Computer beeps on startup

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I went on vacation for a week and my computer was running fine. Then when I got home and started it up my computer there were long spread out beeps 2 seconds about and they don't stop it just keeps going. My mouse,keyboard, and monitor don't come on. I have an 8800 gt and a 650i ultra motherboard. If any other specs are needed il post. The weird part is I got it to work before I dusted it out, but then it stopped working. I tried replacing the ran as I have seen in other posts the beep still continues

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hey if you now how open your computer just open it, and take out the ram memories and put again in their places. thats all. wiht a little of strength. bye, say thanks to my e-mail
I just fixed my girlfriend's computer with the same problem. All I did was replace the ram and everything worked perfect.
Thanks folks changing the ram TOTALLY works, might I suggest you remove ALL rams sticks and replace one by one and restart comp till you can find the baddie in the bunch. If you only have one stick, try swopping with another comp.

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