Computer beeps on startup

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I went on vacation for a week and my computer was running fine. Then when I got home and started it up my computer there were long spread out beeps 2 seconds about and they don't stop it just keeps going. My mouse,keyboard, and monitor don't come on. I have an 8800 gt and a 650i ultra motherboard. If any other specs are needed il post. The weird part is I got it to work before I dusted it out, but then it stopped working. I tried replacing the ran as I have seen in other posts the beep still continues

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hey if you now how open your computer just open it, and take out the ram memories and put again in their places. thats all. wiht a little of strength. bye, say thanks to my e-mail
I just fixed my girlfriend's computer with the same problem. All I did was replace the ram and everything worked perfect.
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i jjust got a new ram in though
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oye khussayo istra nhi hunda ....
Thanks folks changing the ram TOTALLY works, might I suggest you remove ALL rams sticks and replace one by one and restart comp till you can find the baddie in the bunch. If you only have one stick, try swopping with another comp.

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That took care of the problem. Thanks for the post
i had an issue with my computer too, it would beep 5 times and nothing would come on the screen.
i tried moving the ram, replacing it, and tried replacing the cpu. nothing worked

then I unpluggen the front usb, and the front "hub" connections off the mobo
one of them grounded the computer, so I plugged in the power switch and away I went
computer works fine now. no issues
My Compaq has the constant beeps & the monitor stays black. I took it to Staples & the tech did a free tune up (special this week). They claim nothing needs replaced, everything is fine. Took it home, hooked it up-same problem. Unplugged everything in back, put them back in, worked fine. Turn it on this morning & now I have the beeps again! TIA for any help.
my computer don't start up , all I hear is beeps, finally got it to start
this morning, and I have no idea how to fix the problem ,. I am
not computer literate and what does a ram look like ?
The ram are sticks of memory on the mother board. Best thing to do if you care to start troubleshooting your hardward would be to find a site that has descriptive pictures of a motherboard and all the chips and cards, and being sure of what is what before you start poking around. Once you know what everything is though and have some confidence in it, as long as you dont start trying to solder random things, it is fairly simple to install RAM or vid/sound cards.
Hey guys, thought I would chime in. I had this same exact problem on my e510 (beeped 1 then 3 then 2 with no monitor for my system) which at first I thought was my video card but after installing and reinstalling I figured it was my RAM. I pulled them out and cleaned them (because they were filthy) and reinstalled and it booted perfectly. Thanks for the advice and I really hope this helps someone else.
I have the same problem with the same beep pattern on my Dell. I have unplugged, taken out and blew out all dust in and outside the unit. Plugged everything back in reseated ram sticks and turned it on. Still get the 6 beeps 1 then 3 then 2. Monitor and keyboard don't come on. Any more suggestions???!????
I had this problem on DELL OptiPlex 760. I removed the RAM chips, cleaned them (by blowing out dust), cleaned the machine, put them back and it worked! I followed advice in this column. Thanks everyone. My area is very dusty, you see.
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Look at this tip, maybe you will find the beeps meaning : 344 how to recognize beep errors
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MY LAPTOP DOES start up when itry to turn on it peeps 1 up to the four
samee I turn my laptop on and it beeps then stops and beeps and keeps doing it HELP?
Having tried all the suggested problem fixes we could find to no avail, my IT support man and I stripped my HP dv9000 series laptop down to the motherboard to try and identify any loose connections. Everything looked fine. With not much hope we tried the last resort of removing all the heat sinks and gently applied a hair dryer to the nVidia graphics processor and memory chips on the motherboard for about 2 minutes (both sides) until they were finger hot without scorching the surfaces. After letting it cool down we reassembled everything and switched on. Voila! My machine is back working! Total repair time about 3 hours. The HP sevice manual found on the web helped somewhat in identifying the the right disassembly procedure and screw types for reassembly. Not for the fainthearted but you don't have to be a rocket scientist either.