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I have purchased kingston usb pen drive(4GB) but my system cannot finde drivers for it.
I am using win xp.Pls give help me

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Edit: updated for Windows 10 / Windows 8 and Windows 7
  • 1/ do Windows+R in order to bring the execute window and type
  • 2/ In the device tree, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers
  • 3/ Right click on each device behind Universal Serial Bus controller and click on Uninstall
  • 4/ Restart the computer

At startup, Windows 10 / 8 / 7 will reinstall the appropriate drivers.
Thank you

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Found the answer. very simple actually....

First is to ensure that the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR start value is 3.

If you are an administrator on the machine, ensure C:\windows\system32\drivers have SYSTEM user access especially USBSTOR.SYS.

If you don't have usbstor.inf in that directory or anywhere in c:\windows, go download from the web.

Go to Device Manager an uninstall the " ? " which was a result of the failed driver installation.

Plug-in the device, then when asked where to search, point to c:\windows\system32\drivers...

Hey Dude!

U r just Brilliant. Your tips resolved my issue.


I managed to find the USBSTOR.sys file and I tried navigating the install thing to c/windows/system32/drivers etc, I did all of that, but I cant do the first step - the one about the HKEY thing. sorry to be a pain but how do you ensure that its set to 3...

I'm so confuzzled! :S
Brilliant, u saved my day. tnx alot.
You saved my month, Martiniko!
Thank you very much for your post. I had the problem of not recognising the USB storage device since 1 and a half year. Our system administrators, company service experts could not resove it. Now I got it resolved by downloading usbstor.inf and granting administrator privileges to usbstor.sys. Thanks a lot once again.....
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Normally it should has been detected automatically. I suggest u to browse Disk Management. Right click on my Computer and click Manage! Hope the path will guide you detecting it
Good day!! mrslash, thank you for your help, it works in my usb flash drive, I buy a new one but it can't open. When I try your suggestion it works smoothly..THANK YOU SO MUCH,,MAY JEHOVAH GOD BLESS YOU..hehehe
1 Gb pen drive is not format in transcend company some type

of error Please insert Disk Drive How to solved this solution

I m trying to scan this pen drive and ms-dos based format but is no

detect the ms-dos so plz, tell me this solution

my usb fixed machine cannot copy and pest why
Try Online recovery software in the transcend website
wen I am inserting my pendrive there is a sound comin indicating tht its been detected and even there is light in it ...but the problem is that I am unable to see it in mycomputer it gets auto detected...
Do u think tht my pendrive has got spoiled or is it tht my PC is unable to detect it ?
I hav gone thru other threads and tried lookin thru the disk mngt ....even in tht I couldnot see the I: drive been detected.....
wt do I do ?
my kingston pen drive is not recognised when I put in to my usb
Had a similar problem only my mass storage device worked on one computer and had an error on another. Finally checked the BIOS. There is a setting "enable keyboard/storage device" --make sure that is enabled. Thats all it took for me.
i got my usb stick to work again :)
thanks this forum helped a lot.
I have updated the window xp with service pack three and repair with actual windows cd
now my pc detected the usb mass storage device
thanks for every one
All Windoze from 2000 onward have built-in support for all USB mass storage devices. If the flash drive doesn't get recognized, unplug it and plug it in a different port. Often that fixes this problem. Don't give up too soon, sometimes it takes awhile for it to find it. With USB hard disks, you have to go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management and give it a drive letter.
I have Kingston DataTraveller. Yesterday I removed it directly without stopping it using 'Safely Remove Hardware'
and today when I ried to use it, it get detected (i can see icon in the tray for 'Safely Remove Hardware') but when I double click to open Usb drive it says "Please insert a disk into drive E:".
Is there any solution to make my usb work

Thank you
I am solved problem

my computer>properties>hardware>device manager>universal serial bus controller>standard enhanced pci to usb host controller right click menu disable


not solved no problem next setup

my computer>manage>computer management>storage>disk management
ok right menu your driver so you pen storage not detected device disk 0.disk1and
disk removable etc...
you right click disk removable>change drive letter and paths>change>assigen the following driver letter h: to x: ok

your pen driver detected
1*First try your device on some other system. There may be chance that it is problem with your system. Like problem in OS, system port.

2*Unplug and plug can also fix this problem. sometime, the cable is not properly attached.

3*Start -->> Run -->> type devmgmt.msc -->>OK -->> Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers node, and then follow these steps for each USB Root Hub that is listed:
Right-click the USB Root Hub, and then click Properties.
Click the Power Management tab.
Click to clear the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box, and then click OK.
i have a sony 2gb usb stick was working perfect then all of a sudden stoped working one day I use it in my truck I connect it to the cd player it has a plug to play music direct of my cd player but stopped working and now when I plug it into my computer it just just showes "usbdevice not recognized" wht would this be?
It says cannot find the file
To Matriniko:

So many thanks!!! In fact, my PC has just "lost a way" to USB drivers of all kinds. After I have read your post, aAll the problems were solved in a few minutes: I've just deleted everything that did not work properly, then when Wizard asked me for a way to .inf files (in English version it should be something like "Explore the following location") I have browsed to the C:\Windows\inf directory, and then whenever the following Wizards asked me same questions, I gave the same answer. Everything, including the USB flash, have then been installed and works as it should.

Many thanks again for the hint!!!

Greetings from Ukraine
I have Transcend usb pen drive(4GB) but my system cannot finde drivers for it.
I am using win xp.It was working ok but when I was conecting it it ses insert disc into drive F. Pls help on this if it has any sloution.
please install windows xp pro service pack 2

Hey thanks Martiniko, your tips solved my problems ...

Anyone having problem of:

USB not detected

please refer to Martiniko's post

Martiniko's fan
If you would like to format it, in XP, you have to download by searching the HPusbformat tool : SP27608.exe, install it, and go through its menu, to format the 32 or 128gb in FAT32. I use it and work well. If move the 32 or 128gr from to one xp to another 7 or vista, it should go back to the firs same problem loosing data or hosting its data.
Still is having problem -data traveler 200- ask kingston for more, if she answer, please informed me.
John Annousakis
try to format d disk i'll work or try d troubleshoot
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