Acer aspire 5520 wont start up

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I was using my acer aspire 5520 lap top last night on facebook and all of a sudden it shut down. and since then it attempts to start but cant. the fan doesnt even get to come on. I tried the f 12 and f 8 a few minutes ago and it started up. I plugged the charger in and it shut off again and cant get it back on again. what do I do I need help. it keeps trying to start up but cant. it just started up for a second I tried to put it on safe mode and it shut off again. please someone help. windows vista less than 2 years old

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I am having the same issue, figured it was an overheating issue, so I took out the fan and it was plugged solid. Cleaned it all out but it still wouldn't even get to POST. I then was feeling the heat sink on the video chip and while pressing on it, the laptop started and booted up until I released the pressure on the chip. I bought some thermal paste and redid that chip and found that it actuall wasn't the problem. Tracked it over to the fan connection on the MB. If I hold down that connector, it starts up but as soon as I release it, the laptop shuts off. I am waiting for a local PC store to open to either purchase a new fan or get the conector re-crimped. Will try to let you know my results, hopefully this is it, otherwise its my MB and thats not worth replacing.
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i have the same Problem did you find where the defect is?
I replaced the fan with a new one (bought it on ebay b4 AJ replied below), and it did not work, so I am quite certain that AJ is correct. If AJ knows how to repair this, I might have a stab at it since its a boat anchor anyway. I do have access to good soldering material/people.
Well, I fixed it, with a lot of help from the geniuses on the internet, people never seem to stop amazing me on how they come up with this stuff. What I had to do, was the same as johndoe below. I did a reflow on the motherboard, mainly targeting the video chip. The laptop works perfect now and hopefully for a long time. I did try lots of other stuff before the reflow, I checked voltages on the MB coming from the PS to make sure the it was 19.4V, had a co-worker who is in IT look at it as well, he thought it was PS. Be cautious when doing the reflow as I did cover all plastic in foil but the fan connector started to melt under is as it is so close to the video chip.
the reflow worked fine for me...just the nvidia chipset..
UNFORTUNATELY your laptop has broken mainboard bridge(small chip on board)there is nothing to do with that can change mainboard or sell laptop on ebay as faulty and buy new one.

Possibly Fan is full with dirt. What cause CPU to overheat. Clean the fan!