Fb friend requests issue ):

 jess -
Hi there,
i have like six friend requests, and they appear in the right corner as ussual, but when i click on them (or any of my other requests) the page just doesn't load or anything, and if i refresh the page it just goes totally blank. idk if i add friends to often or what ( cause i certianly don't think i do. xP) but PPLLEEAASSEE help me. D:

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Hi there,

You are unable to add friends as you did this too often in one day session and may be also be blocked for this as its an abuse automatically will be preventing you from adding frieds and this may be also someone reported you as harassment if send friend request twice or more.

Thank you

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Maby youre internet conecion isent strong inof have you tryed doing it on another computer ???

Dear Veronika,

Please contact Facebook Support Team in order to have

the problem fixed. The problem should be at the website's