No sound!!!!!!!

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My comp had a "physical dump error" ...which i took care of by starting the windows Xp (professional) in
last best configeration ..... though my computer is working for now, i can't hear any sound .

OS: Windows XP (professional)
Motherboard: Asus M2N-MX
Audio driver/card (inbuilt with the motherboard): SoundMax Integerated Digital audio HD

Winamp shows :
------"bad Directsound driver. Please install proper drivers or another device in configeration
Error code: 88780078"------

My Gom video Player shows the video But say:
------"This system does not have sound devices or sound devices does not installed properly"-------

My volume control says:
------"There are no active mixer device available. To install mixer devices,go to control panel,
click printer and other hardware, and then click Add Hardware."-------
I have tried reinstalling my audio driver (latest version),
I have checked the 'device manager' which shows that my SoundMax Integerated Digital audio HD device is working properly.
I have checked the Service.msc through Run and it shows that my "Windows Audio" is "started"
and restarting it dosen't help.......
Please help!!!! ......................

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Then the best solution is that you try to do a system restore :)