I can't change my background on my netbook

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 Kristanista - Nov 6, 2012 at 07:52 PM
i have a acer netbook with windows 7 and I right clicked on it doesnt have background, it just says graphic properties....what should I do?? I dont know where to go..need someones help! please!

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same here.I have Hulet packer netbook and I have tryed everthing.
same I have a acer netbook. its soooo stupid, I mean I still like the background isnt everything but I want it fixed!!!!!!!!!! pls let me know if u know anything!!!!!
i just bought one yesrterday I spent 4 hrs trying to change it .the book is no help. why would they not let us change the back ground .im taking the damn thing back
i dont see why they would do that. I cant either. I googled it & this page came up. wtf?! why cant we change the bcakground..its so stupid!!! ugh I hate the ugly bg on this thing!! its like blue with a green leaf thing. ugh... help:(

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Now I am experiencing a bigger problem with my ntbk. Apparently my battery is defective and I have send it back to the US to be replaced. Now I am without a ntbk and inconvienced.