Unable to open the Locked Folder

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Guys Pls help Me...

I have installed Folder access 2.0 free verison and i have locked 4 Gb of important datas in local disk and it helps me a lot. worked well so far. For some other reasons i reinstalled my os with unlocking the locked folder. After new installation of os.. now i was not able to open the locked folder. its not even asking the password. when iam opeing the folder its directly redirecting to control panel.

After installed Os, i installed the same version of folder access software also. but i was not able to open the locked folder. Pls help me out..

OS: Win XP


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Dear Thyagu,,

Its simple.. download unlock software from gooling. installl the unlock software..

after installed.. right click the locked folder --> you will have unlock option--select it. it will ask for rename the folder.. just rename it.. then the locked will get open with losse of datas.. its worked for me..

Try it outt....

Dear Thyagu,

Please check from the manufacturer's website whether they

have a recovery kit for the application. This will help you to

get the password and get to know how open the locked folders.