How do I *EN*able BSOD?

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Hey, people. My dad's computer (HP Pavilion a705w) was really messed up since some "AntiSpyCheck" and various other things got a hold of the computer. Well, I got all that stuff cleaned out. But that didn't stop all the problems.

If I boot without going into Safe Mode: the log-on screen is fine. I log-in to an account. The start menu and the background color appear for a short couple of frames, but then the screen goes back and the rest of the hardware (except for the power light on the computer) shuts itself off. I imagine that it's supposed to show a blue screen when it does this. However, the blue screen does not show.

I boot into safe mode. I log on. Everything is fine, except for the unavoidable (but probably quite necessary) limitations of Safe Mode. My dad needs to be able to hook up the printer, though, so that just won't do.

I eventually tried that ctrl-scroll-scroll trick, which works on every other computer in the house, but it didn't give me a blue screen when I tried on my dad's computer. Instead, it gave me a black screen. But, there's more: The internal-beeping thing in the computer itself wouldn't stop, so I had to hold down the power button a few seconds to force the power to stop flowing. This makes me fear that the blue screen itself is possibly broken or disabled.

How do I re-enable the Blue Screen information? Is it supposed to even BE possible not to be enabled? I need to know what soft- (or possibly hard-) -ware that is messing up, and the Blue Screen is supposed to show just what file is failing. Unfortunately, I seem to not be able to get any memory dumps or anything else for that matter that would probably be helpful. I can't figure out how to enable the blue screen myself because when I try I just get a black screen and sometimes a looping internal beep.

Thanks in advance to those who even read this. You wouldn't want your Vietnam veteran dad to get mad because he can't use his computer for work, would you? ;)

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...nevermind, I got it to boot, but for how long I don't know.

There aren't supposed to be fifty bajilion svchost.exe's running, are there?
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