To write in Korean in email at window 7

 batman -
I bought a laptop with Window7 home premium. I try to write in Korean language in email and internet Explorer 8 but I still have a problem even though I downloaded a IME (international multilangual edit program). I also set up to add Korean language in control panel.

Could you suggest me any solution how to set up a keyboard in Korean language in Window 7?
I appreciate it if you would help me.

Thank you,


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Dear Sunshine,

Please have the Korean language pack downloaded

in order to have the task completed.

Thanks in advance.
Unfortunately the link you provided doesn't work for users of Windows 7 Starter running in English who want to use an IME for languages such as Korean/Japanese/etc. I bought an Asus Eee PC netbook with Win7 Starter (English) only to discover that my Korean wife can't type hangul on it. The upgrade to a version of Windows that supports this will cost half the price of the laptop again, which seems completely ridiculous to me. Very frustrating as we're backpacking right now and it would be great to draw upon two pools of travel information, but it's hard to search Korean sites without being able to type in Korean.