Folder Lock hides my files, to folder n|+|-n

 dj -
I installed Folder Lock to my laptop, I put all my office important data in the Locker. There is no problem at first, I can still view my data.
Several days after that when I unlocked Folder Lock, there is nothing in the Locker. I tried to check 'Properties' in that folder, it shows that there lots of files there (my data), but I can't view it!
I tried to uninstall it, still the data cant be viewed.
I tried viewing via ACDSee, browse the 'Locker' and there is only one folder with the name n|+|-n.
Please someone help me, I need the data, its URGENT!!!!!

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Dear Tj,

You could make use of a recovery kit in

order to have the files back. Please obtain

it from here.

Thank you.
hi!!!dude exact same prob im facing plz lemme know if u find d solution....mail me at