How to turn off important in Gmail?

How to turn off important in Gmail?

To turn off the inbox priority markers of Gmail, follow the procedure outlined below.

How does Gmail decide which emails are important?

Gmail analyzes with who you email more often, which emails you open and which you don't, to which emails you reply, keywords you use, and which emails you star, archive, or delete. Based on all this info, it marks your inbox emails as important/non important.

How to disable importance markers in Gmail?

  • Sign-in to your Gmail Account.

  • Click on Settings, the small cog icon located in the upper right corner.

  • Go to the Inbox section.
  • Next to "Importance markers" select "No markers":
disable importance markers gmail
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  • Click on "Save Changes".

How to find important emails in Gmail?

If you'd like to see the list of your important emails, simply type is:important in Gmail search tab. Otherwise, you can see these emails with a yellow Importance marker next to them.

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