Not able to get photos from card recovery

 lilred50 -
I tried the disk recovery and it didn't work. Tried a few different sites. Is there anything else I can do or anywhere else I can go? Would appreciate. Thanks.

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Hi there,

please provide more information describing the problem and situation.This will be easier to find solution to help you.

My husband do me a new camera for Christmas with a 64 mb micro sd memory card and I took pics on it new years and christmas. The sd card is the also fits in our cell phones. He has the lg rumor I. He put the card in his cell phone and wanted to upload a photo b4 he saved them to our computer. It gave him a message and told him the pics were too large so he took the sd card out of his cell phone and put it back in the camera@ didn't think anything of it. I got the camera out a few days later and it said no image content. I called him and he fixed the camera the next day. We tried a few sites to try to recover the pics but have been unsuccessful. He only took 2 test pics to make sure the camera was working again. I had 100 pics on the phone so I haven't really taken any pics over them. Want to make sure I can't recover them. Sad. Can you help? What else could I do?