Sony viao laptop Cant hear any sound

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I have a sony viao laptop with Vista basic installed. I do not know what happpend but I cannot hear any sound wen I play anything. But wen I start my computer, the sound tht comes from windows wen it get started, I do get that but nif then I try to play any clip movie or anything, it didnt sounds. So kindly help me out. I kno this problems is kinda like not believin. I m also shocked but plz plz help me!!!

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heres hif you can't hear your sound heres some steps

1. go to control panel on sound,speech and audio devices
3.then you press advanced voulume control
4.make sure nothings on mute,all balance are up and volumes are all the way up
I had the same problem in my laptop HP Pavilion after installing Vista's SP1 update.

My solution was go into HP Support site, download and install the most recent device driver. It took almost three minutes to download and install, but it worked immediately.

Hope this solution helps someone else.
My laptop is a Sony Vaio model VGN-S5GP_B. had the same problem with function key f2(mute) f3(volume down) and f4(volume up) did as suggested above and this worked (XP SP3):

right click my computer
services and appications
right click windows audio
made startup type automatic
but I then did cold re-boot
all three functrions were then back to normal

ps: I remember switching windows audio startup type to manual - but could not remember where - silly me !
hey guys...i had dis same problem with my vaio CS problem is solved out..u just have to keep ur laptop viruses free....if u have any single virus in ur laptop..dis problem can be accured again...just scan ur comp. memory...everything will be allrite.....
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Hi Pam,
it is highly unlikely a virus would stop your sound coming through altogether.
this seems to be driver related.
Nice try though.