How can i use net on my pc through my cell ph

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please can anyone tell can i use net on my pc through my cell phone..
i am using nokia 7210 supernova....ans using an aircel plan...i can surf net through my phone but..i still cant use it through my pc...please help....

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Dear Moi,

The most essential thing that you will need to have is the PC Suite for the Nokia mobile phone. If you already have browsing option on the phone, that's correct. You should now have the PC suite installed on your computer. You should have obtained the right PC Suite together with the mobile phone at purchase. If you don't possess it, please have it downloaded from the below provided link:

Nokia PC Suite

Please have it downloaded and installed on your computer. The instructions to follow next is really simple. Open the PC Suite and it will request you to choose how you wish to connect the mobile phone to the PC: bluetooth, infrared or through a cable. Please check the one that you wish to and get the phone connected to your computer.

Now for using the mobile phone as a modem, please get to the main menu screen in the PC Suite and select Connect to Internet. It will be simple as this to get using internet via your phone.

Thank you.
Thank you

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