Toshiba camileo p10 screen

 petty -
just bought my daughter a camileo p10 camcorder its been working fine since christmas ,but now it will turn on and the toshiba wording comes up on the screen then goes off and the screen is left black. the camcorder is fully charged and we can,t see anything through the screen. julie

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I have a similar problem, except nothing happens on screen. It's plugged in and the red recharge light is on and when plugged into computer files can be downloaded but the screen does not turn on and no buttons..
Thank you

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Dear Julie,

Please indicate which message is popped up when you try to use the

camcorder so that we can have more details for solving the problem.

The problem might be coming from its driver or software.

Thanks in advance.
hi it just comes up with toshiba its logo then screen goes blank .but all the power is on.julie
Tray to press the power buton for 10 second.
That will reset the camcoder.
Sory for my pure engish.