Ipod 4th gen photo 30g

 Kyle -
I have an ipod 4th gen photo, bought a new battery and put it in, when the hold switch is off the ipod wont do anything when the hold swith is on or (engaged) the ipod works. what in the world is going on here that im either doing wrong or needs to be fixxed?????? HELP

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Sorry kyle but what the hell are you talking about, i think you are messed up, what do you expect the ipod to do when you hold the switch "on" ?
ok so when the hold switch is on meaning that the ipod shoould be locked is the only time that it turns on or does anything. this means that when the hold is turned to off or not locked then ipod shuts off and nothing happens. what im getting at that is messed up here is that you cannot use the ipod or turn it on or use it oir do anything with it until the hold switch is engaged meaneing it is locked. does that make sense?