Ipod touch 4th Generation - dead battery?

 poppy -
i received my new ipod touch 4th gen about a week ago, and it worked fine until about a day ago.
I was using a older wall charger for charging (obviously), because to plug it into the computer would take 10 minutes to sync it and I didn't want to wait. now whenever I unplug it from the charger it dies. and the battery must not have a charge because whenever I plug it into the computer nothing happens, even with holding the power button for the 30 seconds.. help


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Sometimes the iPhone does the same thing, but it's not really the battery. Try holding the power button and home button at the same time. If that doesn't work, put it on the charger first and then do that. It should bring you a screen with the Apple on it and it will stay there for a few minutes. Be patient. It should go to the home screen after a few minutes.
Thank you

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Trevor, I cannot thank you enough!
Please let me add my thanks, mine just died after 6 months. I did as you said with it connected to power and got the 'connect' sign immedately. Then I let it switch off and did the same again (not for so long) and got the apple and then was able to use it after this. Thank you. Philip
thnks! also had success!
You are a legend

Dear Sir,

Under such a case, the problem might be sourcing from either the battery or the charger. Please use an alternative charger to see whether the problem gets solved. Otherwise, it will clear that the problem is coming from the battery and that you will have to get it replaced.

Thank you.
I have the same problem. For no reason at all, my IPOD just "DIES"!!! I could not wake it up at all. I took the advice given on this blog... I plugged it in, and held both the home and power button down for about 20 seconds and it reset the unit. Thank you for the advice, I was about to return it to the store.
Thank you soooo much!!! I thought for sure our itouch was completely fried. Our 3 month old itouch went completely dead with no warning and nothing would work until I read your advice. Thanks again!
I really don't know how to get it to charge again but if it keeps going on like thins u might want to bring it to the store u bought it, then if they don't know I'd recomend just buying a new batt. It must have gone craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!
I mean if what Tevor above says doesn't work. xxx

Thank you soooooooo much I thought a repair I did on my ipod was all for nothing till I read this and it worked thanks alot saved me some stress